Helen Hadden Psychotherapist

The first session

An initial session allows us to get to know each other and determine if psychodynamic therapy is the right fit for you. During this initial session, feeling a mix of emotions, including nervousness or uncertainty, is expected. Therapy can 'stir up' thoughts and feelings without space before this point to be acknowledged. As therapy progresses, you will have more opportunities to explore deeper issues and work toward your therapeutic goals.

What we will talk about:

  • Your reasons for seeking therapy and what you hope to achieve. This may involve exploring your current challenges, symptoms, and any specific concerns you have.
  • Your personal history, including your family background, childhood experiences, and significant life events. This helps lay the foundation for understanding your emotional and psychological development.
  •  Your current emotional struggles, conflicts, and stressors. We may explore your day-to-day experiences, relationships, and emotional responses.
  • We will touch on psychodynamic therapy works, emphasising exploring unconscious processes, the therapeutic relationship, and the importance of self-reflection and insight.
  • We will discuss practical matters such as fees and cancellation policies, confidentiality, the 50-minute duration of sessions, and planned breaks.

You are encouraged to ask any questions about the therapy process, the approach, or any other concerns you may have.

After the first session

At the end of the session, we think about whether psychodynamic therapy is appropriate for your needs and goals. It is important to remember that you are assessing whether you are comfortable continuing with me, too. You won't have to decide this 'on the spot' but can contact after the session if you'd like to start therapy.



Portobello Psychotherapy,266 Basement Floor, Ladbroke Grove,London, W10 5LP.


Psychotherapist Helen Hadden

Helen Hadden Psychotherapist